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Medical Marijuana is legal in Nevada.

Safely and naturally treat a variety of chronic and debilitating illnesses HIV/AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, cachexia, epilepsy, PTSD, severe nausea, severe pain, and more.

Nevada is the only state in the country that recognizes medical marijuana cards from other states. You can shop at medical marijuana dispensaries when you visit the Silver State.

Patients or caregivers can buy up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every two weeks.

Grow your own.If you don't have easy access to a dispensary, the state will allow you to grown your own medical marijuana for personal consumption.You're allowed up to 12 plants by law.

To be legal, you must first register with the state. You must renew your medical marijuana card annually.

Getting your medical marijuana card is easy. Let us help you with the details.

Our kind physicians and staff will make hospice and home visits for disabled and terminally ill for an additional fee.

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Severe Chronic Pain

Severe chronic pain is often the result of other conditions

Persistent Muscle Spasms

Nevada medical marijuana patients have discovered many of the

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a disease that attacks the central

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$25 state application fee & $75 state mailing fee (payment needs to be made separately)


Welcome to Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Doctors

  • We are the preferred choice for patients seeking to use medical marijuana in the greater Las Vegas area. As medical marijuana becomes more widely accepted throughout Nevada, our doctors are at the forefront of helping patients lead better lives through the use of cannabis. We take pride in our caring attitude, our reasonably priced services and our wealth of knowledge, ensuring our patients receive the treatments and services they need to lessen the impacts of their medical conditions.

We're much more than "Nevada weed doctors"...

  • Although we're sometimes disparagingly referred to as "Nevada weed doctors", "Nevada pot doctors" or "Las Vegas cannabis doctors", the fact of the matter is medical marijuana has been shown to be a medically effective and viable alternative in the treatment of several serious conditions.The stigma of using marijuana is rapidly falling by the waysideand is being replaced by ongoing studies that confirm the medical merits of marijuana for a broad spectrum of patients.

You need to be evaluated to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas

  • To be considered for a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas, you need to have a qualifying chronic or debilitating condition that is recognized by the state of Nevada. There are strict rules regarding this, along with a pre-defined list of illnesses and conditions that will allow you to obtain a card.The most common of these are...
    • HIV/AIDS. Patients with HIV or AIDS routinely deal with severe bouts of pain that come from the HIV attacking the body's immune system. This weakens the body's ability to fight infections, leading to AIDS.
    • Cachexia. This is a condition caused by other health issues, such as HIV/AIDS, that results in a person experiencing fatigue, weight loss, a loss of appetite and other related issues. If left untreated, these issues get worse and can lead to death. Medical marijuana has been proven to stimulate appetite and can be an effective way to combat cachexia.
    • Cancer. Chemotherapy produces intense nausea, and medical marijuana reduces it while stimulating a person's appetite, allowing them to keep their strength up while fighting the disease.
    • Glaucoma. Glaucoma increases pressure in a person's eyes that can damage the optic nerve and lead to blindness. Medical marijuana is used to decrease that pressure and can be a suitable alternative to eye surgery in some cases.
    • PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder produces severe anxiety as a result of taking part in intense or disturbing events such as military combat or sexual battery. This can lead to fits of rage, social isolation, insomnia and other related side effects. Medical marijuana is used to calm down patients while they seek therapy for their PTSD issues.
    • Persistent muscle spasms. These can come about as a result of strokes, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries or cerebral palsy. Medical marijuana has been shown to relax the central nervous system and lessen the intensity of these spasms.
    • Epilepsy. Patientswith epilepsy suffer from seizures that may have been caused by genetic disorders or a brain injury. Medical marijuana calms the central nervous system and lessens the impact of those seizures.
    For any condition not approved by the state, there is a process that allows residents to petition for inclusion so that medical marijuana can be used in those instances.

We offer you a cheap way to get your marijuana card

  • Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Doctors offer you one of the cheapest ways in Las Vegas to get a medical cannabis card. You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for your medical examination. When you book an appointment with our fully licensed doctors, our fee for new patients is only $160. Renewals benefit even more with an even lower fee of $120. Our doctors will walk you through the necessary steps in determining that your condition is chronic or debilitating and covered under Nevada law. The only other costs are $100 in processing fees by the state, plus $11 to get your medical marijuana card at the Nevada DMV. We welcome appointments during our office hours of 10 am to noon on Monday and Tuesday, and on Fridays, 4-6 pm. It's best to call before you come in since we give appointments priority service.

It's easy to get your medical marijuana card

  • As long as you are qualified to get a medical marijuana card, the process is a relatively simple one.To get your cannabis card and use it in Las Vegas, follow these steps: Complete a Medical Marijuana Registry Request Form from the State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. You can get a copy of the form by going to Decide if you are going to be a primary cardholder or a medical marijuana caregiver and order the appropriate kit when you mail the form to the Medical Marijuana Registry. You'll need to include a check or money order for $25 to cover the registration fee. As an alternative, you can visit Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Doctors and complete the application process in our offices. When you receive your kit in the mail, complete the forms and make an appointment with a doctor who will determine if medical marijuana will benefit you or not. Nevadans must suffer from a chronic or debilitating medical condition and be formally diagnosed as such by a physician who will then make a formal recommendation for medical marijuana approval. Once you have the recommendation, complete all of the paperwork and have it notarized. Then you will mail it back to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health along with a $75 processing fee. In some instances, doctors' offices will handle and mail all the paperwork for you. It's best to check when you set your appointment. Your application will be reviewed by the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program. If you are approved, you will get a temporary 30-day approval letter while a criminal background check is conducted. If your background check comes back clean, you will be mailed an acceptance letter. Take it to the Nevada DMV office where you'll pay an $11 fee, have your picture taken and obtain a medical marijuana card.

Renewing your Nevada medical marijuana card is also easy

  • After you've gotten your medical marijuana card, you'll need to take steps periodically to make sure it remains valid.The most important thing to remember is that you'll need to visit a fully licensed Nevada-based medical marijuana doctor annually who will be able to certify that you are still suffering from your chronic or debilitating condition and that you still require medical marijuana to lessen the symptoms of your ongoing condition.

Making sure you keep your Nevada medical marijuana license

  • Using your medical marijuana card in Las Vegas is a privilege granted to you by the state of Nevada. That's why it's very important to comply with the terms and conditions laid out by the state for keeping your card.Keep in mind that you could easily lose your card if it's discovered that you lied on your application or you're convicted of selling a controlled substance. While getting your card in the first place is relatively easy, getting a replacement card after you've violated the terms is much more difficult. Once your card is revoked, you cannot appeal and you have seven days to return your medical marijuana card to the state. After it has been revoked, you cannot apply for a new card for at least 12 months. You're required to notify the state every time you move or change your phone number, the medical marijuana dispensary you use or if you change your designated physician. If you don't comply with these conditions, your card will be considered expired when you attempt to use it and your use may be restricted.

Safety concerns you might have before getting a Nevada medical marijuana license

  • Before you obtain a cannabis card in Las Vegas or anywhere throughout the state of Nevada, you may be wondering if medical marijuana is safe.We're pleased to let you know that overall, medical marijuana and its' active ingredient, THC both have an excellent safety track record. Almost 30 years ago, marijuana was considered one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. And this came from a DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge! Research has continued to support this claim, and other than the effects that smoke has on a smoker's lungs, marijuana remains a safe and viable medical alternative for patients.

Why Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Doctors are the best medical marijuana doctors in Nevada?

  • Once you have made the decision to seek out medical marijuana to treat your illness or condition, you want to make sure the process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Doctors have become one of the top medical marijuana facilities in Las Vegas, and possibly throughout the state, by offering our patients quality service every step of the way.We are committed to helping you gain access to medical marijuana as quickly as possible, with the least amount of hassle and at a reasonable price. We're knowledgeable and convenient, taking all of the guesswork out of your application process and your medical exam while walking you through the entire process from start to finish.

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